Kallion, in ancient greek, means better.
And this is what we live by.

Kallion specializes in operational excellence for laboratories. With more than 25 years’ experience with industry leaders in the TIC sector. Our bespoke methodology supports your journey to operational excellence and digitalization. We combine consulting services with a fast-growing portfolio of products and strategic partnerships, to offer the best match for your needs!

Our mission – Why Kallion

Bring operational excellence in all its dimensions to laboratories to help deliver sustainable, economic and fast analytical services of a superior quality thus contributing to a safer and healthier world.​

  • Build an ecosystem of services related to operational excellence directed to laboratories from the TIC industry.
  • Deliver to laboratories all the products and support they require on operational excellence through one single point of entry.
  • Offer services and products either developed internally by Kallion, or through a selected network of specialist partners.

Our vision – Kallion’s summit to climb

Kallion aims to become an indispensable partner to make holistic, sustainable, innovative and people-centric impact on the TIC industry.

  • We want to be the go-to player for consolidated laboratory Operational Excellence services.
  • Kallion aims at being the reference on the market for Operational Excellence certified training directed at laboratories, infused with laboratory knowledge.
  • We want our classification and benchmarking database to become the reference data source for laboratories for testing services classification and performance.
  • Kallion aims at developing a unique integrated portal that brings together various solutions to support laboratories’ journey towards Operational Excellence.
  • We want to support, align with or provide automation solutions to solve daily issues, for an affordable price in small/mid-size laboratories for which automation would otherwise be too expensive.

Our values – Kallion’s DNA

  • Customer centricity – We will deliver a customer centric experience, always going the extra mile to ensure sustainable long-term impact.
  • Sustainability – We will keep green and quality at the heart of our operations and services.
  • Integrity – We believe integrity is of crucial importance. As such we aim to build long lasting relationships built on trust.
  • Flexibility – We value ideas and progress over hierarchy and therefore aim to always remain flexible in our approach.

Have a look at our services or at our news and best practices for more insights. Want to know more? Send us a mail at info@kallion.eu or use our contact page!