Kallion, in ancient greek, means better. And this is what we live by. Kallion is a young consulting company, specialised in operational excellence for analytical laboratories, and bringing several years of experience with industry leaders.

When it comes to laboratory operations, many service providers offer specialised solutions, focusing on one specific part of the laboratory, or on a detailed analysis step. But how can a laboratory finds its way in the multitude of services around it, with some of them being mandatory for the accreditation of operations?

This is where Kallion intervenes. We believe that laboratories should be supported to find their way and always use the most appropriate service, matching with their needs. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” anymore. And our belief is that every laboratory, not only the ones from the largest groups, should benefit from these services.

Kallion’s holistic methodology starts through the angle of operational excellence to accompany laboratories in their journey to improvement and digitalisation. The framework ranges from portfolio review, to operational performance management, footprint and logistics optimisation. This ensures that we cover all areas of interest. But this doesn’t mean that all require improvement! The methodologies are a mix of standard and industry-known approaches (like Lean), and more customised frameworks and toolkits. They are the result of almost a decade of experience of interactions with operations in the laboratory business.

Kallion can help you, for any project you might have in mind.

  • Review your layout prior to a move
  • Increase the capacity of your laboratory with only limited investment
  • Put in place a comprehensive set of metrics to measure your performance (turn-around-time, quality, health and safety, etc.)
  • Revise your test portfolio
  • Compute your production costs to review your pricing
  • Simplify your workflows
  • Automate your processes
  • Digitalise your laboratory
  • Set-up a sustainable strategy for your laboratory
  • And much more!

As part of the operational excellence transformation, Kallion then brings in some partners to further provide laboratories with custom solutions. For instance around automation or IT solutions. Always with one clear objective: bringing the maximum value to its customers and helping them focus on their core business, testing and making our world safer!

Please have a look at our methodology or at our news and best practices for more insights. Want to know more? Send us a mail at info@kallion.eu or use our contact page!