Overview of the Leading Operational Excellence training

The Kallion Leading Operational Excellence training is a two-day classroom course which aims to not only introduce managers and team leaders at all levels the fundamental principles of operational excellence but also discuss the role a leader can and should play in leading a transformation. The course focusses on the rollout of Operational Excellence transformations in the laboratory environment. It covers theoretical principles, uses examples to foster deeper understanding and entails a case study to facilitate learning through participation.

Some important elements of the course are:  

  • Change Management and the role of leadership – What is an operational excellence culture? The change management process and selected tools to potentially use to facilitate such a transformation. Programs to increase staff engagement. 
  • Operational Excellence Transformations – Structured methodology. The various phases of a transformation and the expected deliverables of each phase. 
  • Managing performance – Implementing a structured performance management culture. 
  • Fundamental Operational Excellence concepts – Waste, 5S, structured problem solving, just in time, capacity management, and more… 

The training content or agenda can be customized to match the organization’s needs. For instance, modules can be extended or shortened and slots reserved to allow the organization to present additional topics. 

What are the benefits for the attendees? 

  • Theoretical knowledge of Fundamental Operational Excellence concepts linked to real world examples. 
  • Practical application experience using case studies. 
  • Clarity about how Operational Excellence contributes to organizational objectives. 
  • Coaching skills aimed at leading transformations. 

What are the benefits for the organization? 

  • Create a collective understanding of the main aspects of Operational Excellence and the associated concepts to ensure consistent deployment. 
  • Align all the levels of the organization towards the objectives of the associated transformation. 

Training structure 

The training program is a mix of theoretical knowledge sharing, increased understanding through examples and practical experience through application in a simulated Lab environment. The program consists of two days of classroom and practical training with adequate breaks to ensure attendees remain fresh for maximum learning and to facilitate networking and informal idea sharing to further enhance the learning experience. 

Please contact us to hear more about the Kallion Leading Operational Excellence training and how it can help your organization!

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