Kallion is the result of a long process, but ultimately answers to a simple question. How can a laboratory finds its way in the multitude of services around it, some of them being even mandatory for the operations to be accredited?

We believe that laboratories should be supported to find their way and always use the most appropriate service, matching with their needs. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” anymore.

Kallion starts through the angle of operational excellence to accompany laboratories in their journey to improvement and digitalisation: portfolio review, operational performance management, footprint and logistics optimisation. The methodologies are a mix of standard and industry-known approaches (like Lean), and more customised frameworks and toolkits, which are the result of almost a decade of expertise in the laboratory business.

As part of the operational excellence transformation, Kallion brings in some partners to further provide laboratories with custom solutions, for instance around automation or IT solutions. Always with one clear objective: bringing the maximum value to its customers and helping them focus on their core business: testing and making our world safer!

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