Testing laboratories are facing several challenges. How to produce faster results, at the highest quality, while reducing prices (and thus costs)? The increased volume of customer requests requires a deep review of the laboratory operations and organisation, and often can lead to laboratory automation projects.

Why automating laboratory processes?

One way to improve operations on the long-term is indeed to rely on automation. And laboratory automation comes with multiple advantages:

  • Less interruptions in the work. A robot can work 3 shifts and even week-ends if properly designed and fed with samples.
  • Traceability at all times. The status of processing of samples is fully available live on the systems.
  • High reproducibility of process. Whether it’s diluting, streaking, steering, pipetting or any other task, the robot will ALWAYS perform it the same way.
  • Focusing staff on high-value activities. Activities to be automated first are often the most repetitive and less value-adding tasks; automation can help refocus your key staff where they really bring value.

Where to start in a laboratory automation project?

Yet, when launching an automation project, laboratories are often facing the same dilemma: how to find a system matching exactly with their needs? Kallion, your partner in testing laboratories operational excellence can support you with the key steps!

  • Writing a clear set of user specifications, including key metrics on expected performance (throughput, volume, lead-time, quality requirements, cleaning requirements, etc.).
  • Preparing a clear calculation for the return on investment to use for project sizing and budgeting.
  • Identifying potentially off-the-shelf solutions to answer these specifications.
  • Support in selecting the right partner for tailored solutions (if needed).

Yet, the first step shoud always be to review the current process and identify how to optimise it. Automating a malfunctioning process will not solve everything! It will remain a malfunctioning process, but automated.

How can we help?

Kallion has developed a clear methodology, along with deep expertise and experience in reviewing process prior to automation. We can help you to identify if your process should be automated and how, while ensuring that only required steps are automated. This will save you time and money!

We are using our network of automation partners and suppliers to help you finding the right partner to conduct your project. Please be sure to contact us at info@kallion.eu to start discussions!

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