There are multiple occasions at which the review of the laboratory layout can be useful. Before a move, when reorganising the laboratory activities, when setting-up a new method, etc.

The layout review happens at different levels: for the overall laboratory, within a room or space, and at workstation level. Looking at these three levels ensures an efficient layout optimisation.

Overall laboratory layout

In the laboratory, the review starts with the analysis of the flows, looking at the sample volumes transiting throuhg the different methods. The larger the volumes, the easier the sample flow must be. Ensuring direct connection, at the same floor, between sample reception and the main processing rooms is key. In larger laboratories, automated transportation can be an option to ease further the processing. Smaller volume methods can be set-up more at the periphery of the laboratory. Kallion has a set of best practices that we can apply together with you on your layout. We look at all the flows, not only the sample ones. For instance waste management and consumables storage or replenishment (e.g. with Kanban systems).

Room and workstation organisation

Within a room, the layout review will mostly be about the benches set-up. The different steps of the methods must be set-up in a linear way, keeping buffer space between the steps. This will for instance enable the laboratory to set-up an intermediary storage and improve the flow of samples. Clear and visual storage of samples between two steps of the process ensures that the staff has an up-to-date status on the potential bottlenecks at all time. Equipment space can be optimised via the set-up of a shared screen to control mutliple computers and machines. Alternatives to linear benches help to optimise the flow and the process. For instance U-shape or L-shape benches. Conveyor belts (gravity based or motorised) can distribute the samples between workstations in an efficient way.

When it comes to workstations, space optimisation can help reduce the overall laboratoy footprint and thus the associated costs. Moreover, by ensuring that laboratory staff always have all required consumables, equipment and sample at hand, the workstation set-up strongly contributes to a better working environment for employees. Using our extensive experience in laboratory layout review, Kallion can bring multiple examples of set-up and associated tips and best practices. Please contact us to know more!

Kallion brings a long expertise in layout reviews

Of course, further to these considerations, other aspects must be considered. The ideas below are just illustrative. Kallion can help you in your layout set-up and review and bring additional insights.

  • Colocating HVAC and equipment installations.
  • Setting up IT installations at the basement.
  • Reviewing the storage conditions for samples and consumables to efficiently size the space and refrigeration needs.
  • Setting-up office space close to the laboratory space, with limited constraints and already with all utilities planned. This will allow fast laboratory extension at less cost.

We are setting up partnerships with specialised service companies to support you on the overall journey. Please reach out to to hear more!

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