Sustainability and environmental protection are recurrent topics in our daily life. They should also be part of analytical laboratories preoccupations too!

We, at Kallion, are firm believers that green initiatives can be beneficial for the planet but as well for the laboratories. There are countless savings opportunities, may it be in energy, utilities, consumables and also naturally health and security of lab workers.

Several international initiatives exist in the field of sustainability in laboratories. We would like to particularly introduce My Green Lab. My Green Lab is a non-profit organisation. It has developed over the years a strong expertise and network in the pursuit of sustainability in laboratories.

They offer countless resources directly available on their website. Besides, My Green Lab has introduced a few programmes to create transparency and generate awareness in this field. Ensure to visit their website to read more about them and other initiatives.

  • My Green Lab certification. The international gold standard for laboratory sustainability best practices. A complete laboratory certification programme to efficiently accompany you on your journey towards a zero-carbon future.
  • ACT, the Environmental Impact Factor Label. Remember the nutritional values labelling that can be found behind food products? The ACT label is the same but for laboratory consumables, equipment and supplies. By emphasizing Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life, ACT makes it easy to choose more sustainable products.
  • My Green Lab accreditation. Meant for individuals, it is a complete training course on the field of sustainability in laboratories. The program focuses on the critical concepts in lab sustainability, emphasizing practical tools and takeaways, focusing on six main topics.
  • My Green Lab ambassador. An introductory programme meant to raise awareness of sustainability measures in laboratories. At Kallion, all our current and future employees are and will be My Green Lab ambassadors. And we consequently encourage all laboratories we are working with to apply the same logic. Becoming an Ambassador involves watching four videos, with a corresponding quiz associated with each video. The quiz results are compiled into one final score, and certificates are issued upon completion of the training.

And because we want to have a real tangible impact, we have introduced sustainability in Kallion approach and framework. By working with us for your operational excellence projects, you can be sure that sustainability will be part of the journey! Want to hear more? Please contact us!

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